Thursday, May 22, 2008

Holding her bottle!

Can you believe it?! She is holding her own bottle now!!! Of course, she still drops it when things catch her eye because she is so darn nosy, but that's okay, she'll get better at it.Her favorite thing to stare at while she is eating is the dog. He loves to walk by and lick off all of the "extra" formula. She can't seem to get enough of him! Soon she will be holding that bottle while sitting up! Great job Rebecca!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sweet Potatoes Anyone?!

Watching a baby eat from a spoon for the first time is amusing to almost anyone I know! Seeing Rebecca attempt sweet potatoes was no exception! It was a hoot! She ended up with most of it on her face, but she sure did enjoy it! She just kept trying to lean her head to the spoon instead of letting the spoon come to her. She also kept pushing the food back out with her tongue when she was trying to swallow it.
I can't wait to try all of the great fruits and veggies I have in the freezer for her!

Rolling Over

Well, the milestones just keep coming and coming!!! Rebecca rolled from her belly to her back the day she turned three months old, but then on April 26th, she decided that she wanted to roll the other direction, too!!

You can see that she is just thinking about her plan and then she tries to execute! It was so cute watching her try over and over again that first time. Of course when she finally did make it all of the way over, I was in the other room and didn't get the last picture! Oh well, just watching watching the attempt was exciting enough!

Our Anniversary

Marvin and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary and I am so proud to have made it! It seems like just yesterday we were getting married and we pregnant with Michaela. I can't believe how quickly time seems to have passed! We learn to love each other more with each passing year.
Marvin got me a dozen red roses and they are just beautiful!!

It is awesome that we have been together ten years and have three beautiful little girls, a home, and a great marriage to show for it! I am the happiest I have ever been!