Sunday, July 27, 2008

Where has the time gone?!

Where is the time going?! I cannot believe that 2008 is half over and my girls are getting so darn big! Rebecca has been crawling all over the place for at least a month now and she is also standing up and walking along the furniture! She has taught herself the wonderful new trick of fake coughing for attention and she is just learning how to wave. I cannot believe what a smart little bugger she is. Soon she will be upstairs playing with the other girls and I won't have my little baby anymore!
Michaela is swimming around without her floaty almost all of the time now and Alaina can go under the water like a little professional. They love to dive for the water rings and it is a huge accomplishment every time they come up with one.
I am really hoping to get Michaela a bike before the end of summer so that she can learn to ride a two-wheeler. I really think that she can do it!
Less than a month before school starts and my baby will be starting kindergarten! I don't know if I am ready for that yet. It seems like it was just yesterday I saw those two little lines on that HPT telling me that she was entering our lives. What a miracle she is and we just love her so so much!
Alaina got the cutest little haircut and her hair is as blonde as ever this summer. She is the "poster child for summer" like my cousin put it and everyone comments on how darn cute she is! She seems to get smarter by the minute and just loves her little sister to death. Too much at times because she is always trying to pick her up and play with her even though Rebecca doesn't want anything to do with it!
We will see what the rest of 2008 brings us!