Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another Saga at the Pediatrician's Office!

Many of you may already know that we have been dealing with chronic diarrhea with Rebecca for a few months now. Well, this morning when I got her up and she was covered in poo, I finally decided that I had had enough! I called the pedi and made another appointment. So we get there and the next step is to get a stool sample to have them tested. Great....I have more waiting to do! I am so sick of cleaning up a dirty crib every morning! Hopefully this will give us some answers. We have done everything we know to do up until now. We have stopped giving her dairy, put her on a probiotic, taken away juice, put her on a BRATT diet and limited her food intake. We are at a loss right now! I know that we surely could use prayers right now!

To top that off, we also found out that Michaela may have strep throat and her throat is soooo sore and bright red. She had a fever, too! We are waiting for the strep culture to come back, but I have the prescription already written out so I can get it as soon as I get the results.

Last but not least, Alaina STILL has a double ear infection. We had her into the doctor two weeks ago and they put her on amoxil for her ears and today they were both still infected so she is now on a z-pak so hopefully she will get some relief soon!

Summer is finally on its way, so hopefully all of the cold germs will take a hike, too!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Why does this happen to MY children?!

Poor Alaina woke up this evening around 11pm and was having a horrible time breathing. She was coughing and gagging and sobbing all at the same time. Needless to say, anyone who has experienced the croup knows exactly what I am talking about! It is such a disturbing childhood illness. While most people will never experience the croup because you have to be prone to it, the lucky few who do get it know how awful it is to see your child have it! We stuck her head in the freezer to let her breathe in the cool air, we took her outside and neither of those worked, so we finally gave her an albuterol aerosol treatment. It didn't help a lot, but enough that she could breathe a little bit without coughing. So, I finally got her calmed down and she is now sleeping in my bed and I am dreading going in there to sleep because she is a really violent sleeper and I won't get a wink of sleep tonite! Oh the joys of childhood croup.....


I always feel so bad when one of the girls has a nightmare. There is just nothing that you can do to make them stop! So, last night, Michaela came down in the middle of the night sobbing and wanting to sleep in our bed because she had a nightmare. Of course I let her get into bed and sleep with us and I tried to calm her but she just cried herself to sleep. So, in the morning I tried to talk to her about her nightmare so I could help her feel better but she just immediately started crying and told me that she didn't want to tell me what it was about, just that it was about me. So, I decide to leave it alone and I head off to the store for a little bit of shopping. When I come home, she finally decided to tell me what her nightmare was about. My poor baby dreamed that I ate a worm and it blew up and killed me!!! Poor thing! It just broke her little heart. Later on this evening she even drew me a picture of her dream. I felt so bad for her! I just told her not to worry because mommy would NEVER be eating a worm!