Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter 2010

This year was a lot of fun for the girls! They made out like bandits in their Easter Baskets and with the egg hunt! They looked so cute all dressed up for church and were so excited to get new shoes to match! I have to show off their cuteness!

I pray for strength

On Monday, March 22nd, 2010 I lost one of my best friends to cervical cancer. She was diagnosed at her 6 week post partum checkup with her daughter the first time. She had chemo and various other things and thought she had beat it. A few months later, she started having severe leg pain. The doctors told her that it was bursitis or micro fractures due to the chemo. After multiple visits and complaints they finally did a scan only to find out that the cancer had spread to her pelvic wall and was wrapped around major arteries and close to her spine. She fought a LONG two year battle. She wanted to watch her daughter grow up and never gave up hope. Even when she was flying to PA constantly to the Cancer Treatment Center of America, she continued to fight and be strong for her husband and her baby. Finally, her body just couldn't fight anymore. The cancer spread to her brain and she was just so weak. She went to be with our Lord and spend her forever in Heaven.

For those of us left here on earth, it is a struggle to understand why such things happen to good people. Why is her daughter left without her mother? But, I know that we may never understand or get that answer until we are one day in Heaven with the Father and can ask him ourselves. Every day I remind myself that she is no longer in pain and no longer suffering. Her body is perfect and whole again. She is spending her time in perfect happiness. Although I thank God that she is no longer hurting, I am left to grieve her loss. I see her pictures in my home, I think of the fun times we had together, and then I mourn the time that we will never have. The process of grieving a loved one is a long road and I know that only God can see me through this.

Please continue to pray for my healing and for the healing of her family as we go through this journey.

Rest in Peace, Jamie. 4-11-1981~3-22-2010

PS. Get your yearly Gyn exam! We all know how dreadful it is, but early detection can save your life!