Monday, March 30, 2009


I shopped at both Giant Eagle and Walgreen's today and I did awesome!

In total I spent: $82.36
My total savings for the whole day was: $106.48!

At Giant Eagle I got:
*2* Boneles Sirloin Tip Roasts~BOGO Free, so I saved $11.33
*6* 36 count packages of Chinet Paper Plates~4/$10-$1/1 MFQx6=$9.00
*6*Bottles of Shout~2/$5-$.55/1(this doubled to $1.10/1)x6=$8.40
*40*Yoplait Yogurts~20/$11-$.40/6(this doubled to $.80)x6=$6.20

My total spent at Giant Eagle was: $48.18
My total savings was: $39.41!!!!

At Walgreen's I got:
*2* Dawn Dish Soaps @ $.99/ea=$1.98
*2* Packs of 100ct Vanity Fair Napkins~2/$2.99-$.50MFQ=$2.49
*3* Boxes Aluminum Foil @ $.89/ea-$1/1MFQ(3)=$.33 overage!!!!
*5* Dial Foaming Hand Wash@ $1.99/ea-$.35/1MFQ(5)=$8.20
*6* Bottles of 24ct Bayer Aspirin(3 of them were 100% more for free!) @ $1.99/ea-$1/1MFQ(6)=$5.94
*6* Bottles of Febreze @ 2/$5-$1/1MFQ(6)=$9.00
*2* Bottles of Softsoap Body Wash~ $3.99 for the 1st and the 2nd was FREE!(Going back for more of this rolling RR this week for sure!)
*10* Packs of Mentos Gum @ 2/$2-$1/1MFQ(10)=FREE!!!!

My total spent at Walgreen's was: $34.18
My total savings was: $67.07!!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Tea Party with the girls!

Ever since Michaela had a Tea Party at her homeschool co-op she has been wanting to have one at home, so I finally decided that while Marvin was gone on a side job this evening we would have one. The girls decided on a PJ Tea Party. So, after dinner, all of the girls helped clean up the kitchen and the table and they got ready for the tea party. They set out some cute little dessert plates, picked tea cups and heated up the water. We also thawed out some carrot cake and made a pan of brownies. We lit some candles and Michaela decorated the table for us with little wicker-style purses and tiny stuffed animals. Michaela's bear also joined us for our tea party! What a great addition to the group!So, we munched on cake and tea and just laughed and had a great time. Just us girls! What a great memory to share with my children! I will never forget how happy they were sitting at that table just enjoying some fun time with mommy!

Now, they have decided that they want to have a tea party with friends, so we are gonna invite some friends over during spring break and have an "official" tea party with the girlies!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A great Week at Walgreen's!

Last week Walgreen's had a GREAT diaper deal and I couldn't wait to take advantage of it! If you purchased $25 worth of participating products, you got $10 in RR, so I bought three $10 packages of Huggies Diapers for $30 and I had three MQ's for $1.50/each. That brought my total down to $25.50 and then I got the $10 RR and that brought my total down to $15.50. I spent only $5.16 per jumbo pack of Huggies Diapers!!! I was so excited! Now I can't wait to go use my RR this week on some more great deals! Yay for couponing!