Friday, December 17, 2010

My warm fuzzy moment

My middle daughter, Alaina is by far the most sensitive of my three girls. She always has been. Even when she was a baby you didn't have to spank her when she disobeyed. Just a look and a raised voice was enough to send her crying because she didn't want to be in trouble. I love that about her. It is what makes her unique and amazing to me. It makes me want to be more like her. I am the opposite. I naturally put on a "tough" and stubborn front.

The other day she and I were in the kitchen preparing dinner. She was sitting on the stool and I was standing by the sink behind her. We weren't really having any kind of conversation when out of the blue she turns around to me and says:

"Mommy, how come you are the bestest mommy ever?"

I was completely shocked! It took me a second to respond to her and I said "you think I am the bestest mommy ever, huh?!" She shook her blonde little head yes and I was just bursting with love! I told her that she had to come over and give mommy a big hug! She stood up and I hugged her and just kissed her cute little face. I told her that I just loved her so much and she was so special to me.

These are the moments I am going to miss in just a few short years when my girls grow up to become beautiful young women. I try to savor the moments when they are not fighting or crying or begging for just ONE MORE piece of candy.

Thank you Lord for giving me the blessing of my beautiful family and for giving me a little girl who shows me some of the things I should strive to become. It is humbling to look up to a five year old girl.