Friday, April 8, 2011

Dad vs. Poodle

I love when you have a story that makes you laugh so hard you actually tear up!

Many of you don't know my husband or what he looks like, but I will tell you that he has SUPER curly hair. It is extremely tight curls, too! His hair is also dark in color.

So yesterday we were at the soccer field watching Alaina's soccer practice. The other two girls saw a dog a few yards away from us and asked if they could pet him. I told them to get permission from the owner so they did. This particular dog was a brown full size poodle. They had so much fun loving on that dog! A little while later Marvin arrives at the field after work and the kids come over to greet him. A friend of mine and myself were sitting there chatting when I heard Michaela tell her dad that his hair looks just like the dog! LOL! We all started cracking up! We tease him a lot about his curls, so this was just so amusing to us.

To make things even funnier my oldest went back over a few minutes later and was petting the dog again and telling the owner about how much their dog looked like my husband! She was pointing him out and making that poor couple look at him to compare. I am not sure if they were uncomfortable with it, but I can tell you that we got the biggest laugh out of that!

I will never look at a poodle the same way again!

Punishment.....someone's gotta do it!!

So, today was a trying day to say the least. When I woke up this morning, I had a message on my answering machine telling me that my two oldest children decided to sneak out of their bedroom windows and climb out onto the roof! GAH!!! I was upset and relieved all at the same time!

I called Marvin and told him what had happened and we came to the mutual decision that they were both going to have to have a spankin'.

Now, I realize that some are against this kind of punishment, but we feel that as long as they know and understand their disobedience, then it is biblical to spank them. They had already been warned one other time about opening the screens and going out onto this particular part of the roof, so we knew that they understood what they had done wrong. Not only that but when I asked them about it, they wanted to know how I found out, LOL!

So, a little while ago, Marvin took the girls in one by one to our bedroom for their discipline "event". Michaela went first(which wasn't easy since she is a fighter when it comes to discipline) and then came Alaina. She knew what was coming after she saw Michaela come out in tears, so she was already a little pouty when she first walked in.

I was out in the office during this time. A minute after he called Alaina into the room, I didn't hear much of anything and Marvin came out just bursting with laughter. He actually had to leave the room so that Alaina didn't see him laughing during what was supposed to be a serious time. He told me that he was explaining the reason for the punishment and here is how the conversation went from there...

Alaina: I don't wanna get a spankin'.

Marvin: I know, it sucks, doesn't it?

Alaina:(arms crossed in her most serious voice) You suck! ( I want to add here that I don't even think she really even knows what that means!)

At that moment he started to giggle, so he had to leave the room!

Here is how the rest of the "event" went down...

Marvin(re-enters bedroom): You are going to get one spankin, so roll over and don't get your hands or feet in the way.

Alaina(immediately after spank, her hands reach around and grab her bottom): Owww!!! I should've worn more pantsies!!!!!

Now I know that most people wouldn't share punishment stories about their children, but this one was so funny! She actually was still laughing after she got spanked! She knew she had made a mistake, she knew she was receiving a punishment for said mistake, yet she was still able to get through it and know that her mommy and daddy still love her and want the best for her. She was able to make the best out of an unfortunate situation and that is why she makes my heart swell with love and pride! I love that girl!!!