Friday, January 30, 2009

Tag :)

Tag :)January 30, 2009
A. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.
B. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

5 things I Was Doing 10 Years Ago:
1. Getting Ready to graduate from High School
2. Dating my future hubby
3. Rebelling from my parents
4. Working at Kaufmann's
5. Playing in the Marching Band

5 Things On My To-Do List Today:
1. Laundry
2. Shopping
3. Getting food ready for this weekend
4. Cleaning for my guests tomorrow
5. Get the prescriptions for my kids

Snacks I Enjoy:
1. Cookies
2. Cheese and trail bologna
3. cake
4. nachos and cheese
5. grapes

Things I Would Do if (ahem, when) I Were a Billionaire:
1. buy a ton of property do I didn't have any neighbors nearby
2. Buy a new Ford Expedition
3. Pay of the mortgages of family members
4. Help my church build
5. Adopt more children

5 Bad habits
1. Eating fast food
2. Biting my nails
3. sleeping in too late in the morning
4. Watching smutty reality tv
5. going to bed with makeup on

5 Places I’ve lived
1. Canton, OH
2. North Canton, OH
3. Massillon, OH
4. Minerva, OH
5. in a trailer park(haha!)

5 Jobs I’ve Had
1. Claims manager for bankruptcy
2. McDonald's
3. Kaufmann's
4. Nursing Home

5 Things People Probably Don’t Know About Me:
1. I can sing....shhh!!!!
2. I wanted to have as many children as God allowed without contraceptives
3. I have low self-esteem a lot of the time
4. I wish I could go back to college
5. I have a tattoo and want more

I am tagging: Bekki, Stacy, Mel, Ashlee & Amy

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Watch out for that......wall????

I haven't laughed until I cried in a long long time, but the other day I was watching Becca walk around and just take in the sights. She is the nosiest little girl and she watches everything. So, she was innocently walking into the next room and she heard a noise behind her. She turned around to see what it was, but her feet didn't stop moving in the direction of her original destination. Before I could call her name to get her to stop, she turned back around to face forward again and smacked right into the wall! It was so funny because she was holding her sippy cup and she fell backwards onto her butt after she slammed face first into the wall and her sippy cup went rolling across the floor. To top it all off, she didn't even cry! She just got back up and kept on going!!'s like a sitcom, only funnier!

God has a sense of humor

In case you were unsure. It is true. God has a wonderful sense of humor! He finds it amusing to keep dropping snow in northeast Ohio and making my cabin fever show up in full force! I hate being stuck in the house all day knowing that I should not venture outside! The roads are like a skating rink and it's so cold that even your nose hairs get ice crystals on them! I am ready for old man winter to take a hike!

A look back in time....

As I am sitting here trying to update my blog, I realized that I have a ton of pictures on my computer of Michaela as a baby and I thought that I would share. She was such a wonderful baby and the Lord definitely blessed me when he trusted me to care for her! Here she is!

Rebecca's First Birthday Party

What a wonderful time I had planning and executing her birthday party! We had it at the church building and it was nice that we did because it gave us plenty of room and we also had lots of fun stuff to do there since the youth group has an air hockey and a foosball table there. I didn't have a particular theme, but I did have all of the decorations in hot pink. I even found her a hot pink tutu to wear that matched with the decorations! She was so stinkin' cute in that thing!!!

I was so proud of myself because I also made her birthday cakes myself. I baked them and decorated them on my own and I think they turned out pretty good for being my first time! We had a yellow cake, a chocolate cake and a red velvet cake so that everyone could have a little variety. I also made the favors myself. They were flower shaped suckers and they turned out really cute! I guess I was feeling kinda crafty! Go me!

Rebecca didn't waste any time grubbing on her cake when it was time for her to eat! She picked up that huge piece of cake and just started stuffing it in her mouth! She was so funny to watch because she knew that everyone was watching her, but she didn't care! She just kept right on eating!

When it was time to open gifts it was a madhouse! Marvin made the mistake of letting the "big" kids help with the gifts and they took full advantage of it! They were tearing through the gifts so fast that no one even knew what she had gotten and who it had come from. I was losing my patience with some of the children there, but I couldn't scold other people's kids when the parents were sitting right there letting them do it! Oh well, in the long run, it didn't really matter all that much! She got a lot of really cute clothes and some toys that she really enjoys and that is all that matters!

Online Birthday Exchange

As some of you may know, I have made some WONDERFUL friends online with a pregnancy/motherhood message board that I am part of. A lot of these girls know more about me than my friends or family in real life. I love them all dearly even though I have never met them face to face. Although, I will be getting the opportunity to meet some of them in June when we get together for a meet & greet. I am so excited! Anyways, we planned an online birthday party for all of our babies and we exchanged wishlists and were assigned a name of a person to buy for.
The girl who bought for me is from NM and she only has two sons, so I am sure she had a great time buying for Becca. She did a great job, too! She bought her some really cute onesies and Christmas socks from Old Navy! They are perfect! We really needed warm clothes for Becca and these are nice because they can be put on easily with a pair of jeans or just worn alone around the house! Thank you so much Rebecca and Ethan, we LOVED the gift!

Christmas Recap

Well, since it has been such a long time since I blogged, I thought I would go clear back to Christmas and catch everyone up! Christmas morning was so much fun this year! The girls had an absolute blast putting out cookies for Santa and getting up to find the thank you letter he had written to them. They also really loved everything that they had gotten! I was so excited to see their faces every time they opened up a gift. Of course, mommy and daddy only got them a fraction of what they received this year!
Gramma and Grampa, Aunts, Uncles, and extended family all made sure that they made out like bandits! We have drawers full of clothes for them for all seasons! I won't have to go clothes shopping for a year! Yippee!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Welcome Home, Jeff!!!

My cousin Jeff flew in from Iraq Sunday night and it was such an honor to be there when we got off of that plane! There was such a swell of joy in my heart and a sense of relief that he was home and safe. He was originally supposed to get into Ohio at 4:oopm and then his plane got delayed in Germany, so he then wasn't supposed to come in until 11:00pm. Because of inclement weather, he was delayed a third time and his plane didn't arrive until 12:30am. It was a long drive and a long wait at the air force base, but seeing his boys faces light up when they found out he was coming home was priceless and totally worth the sleep deprivation.

He has three boys and his oldest son was so happy that he was coming home that he cried and cried. To see a 14 year old boy cry for his dad is something that just tugs at your heartstrings. It brought tears to my eyes that night and I still tear up just thinking about it!

Now he has two weeks off from the Air Force Reserves and he can get some rest and relaxation before he is back to work for the Highway Patrol. Hopefully he adjusts to civilian life well and doesn't have any problem getting back to "normal". We prayed for his safe return and we are so excited to see that it was in God's plan to bring him back to us. This was his third tour in Iraq and his most dangerous so far! We are so proud of him and the other men and women who serve our country!

God Bless America!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Coming home from Iraq!

My cousin Jeff is finally coming home from Iraq! He arrives late Sunday afternoon at the Air Force Base and we are all going to welcome him home! His three boys still don't know that he is coming home, so it will be such a great surprise for them! I can't wait to see their faces when he finally gets off of that plane from his third tour over there. This one was his most dangerous yet and I am sure that God was protecting him over there while he was defending our freedom! I thank God everyday for men and women like him who care enough to risk their lives for us!

We can't wait to see you, Jeff!

What a holiday season!

I cannot believe that it is actually over! Where did the time go?! It seems like we were still shopping for gifts just yesterday and now we are done with Christmas AND New Year's! The kids had a great Christmas and got a TON of stuff from family and friends. We are so thankful to be surrounded by such wonderful people! I think that my family bought out the entire children's clothing department in Sears this year! We have tons of new outfits for winter and summer. I won't have to buy them clothes for a long time!

Marvin was really excited to get his sawzall and it was worth it when I saw how happy he was to open it up and tinker with it. He immediately charged the battery and got it ready for use even though it is too cold outside to use it anyhow. Men....

I got a lot of nice things for Christmas as well. I got a Broom Vac, jammies, Third Day CD, board games, electric knife(for my Dad to cut the Thanksgiving turkey), a moppine(a Rachael Ray item), smelly stuff, and 500 thread count sheets that are like heaven! My gramma also got me two precious moments for my collection! Yahoo!!

New Years was also a lot of fun! We hung out with my cousin and his wife. We went out for a nice dinner without the kids and then we went back to the house, put the kids in bed and played games for the rest of the evening. We probably would have stayed longer, but Marvin had to work this morning, so we left aroung 2am.

Now it is back to the daily grind and a sense of normalcy. We have to take the decorations down and get ready for the next holiday. Valentine's Day! I always love that holiday because we go away for a weekend and just enjoy each other. We don't get to do that very often.

Well, I think that is about it in the Jackson household! Have a great New Year everyone!