Friday, September 26, 2008

Another Milestone!

Well, it is crazy and I can hardly believe it, but I just found out today that Michaela is getting her first adult tooth in!!! She was telling us this morning that she could feel a little tooth coming in, but we just thought she was being silly. Well, we were sitting at the table this morning doing our schoolwork and I saw the little tooth coming through when she was talking! I also felt to see if her baby tooth is loose, and it is! We get to play tooth fairy soon! I can't wait!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

She did it!!!

My baby girl has finally started to say "mama"!!! I was so excited to hear her call for me this morning!!! The best part was, she did it more than once today! I was so proud and so excited and so choked up all at the same time! Her little smiling face just warmed my heart and to know that she can verbalize my "name" just made me feel like I was on cloud nine!

Now I am looking forward to the milestone where she can give hugs and kisses upon request! Those are always great moments for a mommy!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

You want to see the rock wall you say?!

HAHAHAHA!!!! I have never laughed so hard in all of my life and I truly mean that!!!! Marvin was nervous from the second he bought the ticket! The boys decided that they would race to the top of the wall....scary!! So, it wasn't too bad to begin with...they were pretty close together, but then our friend Brad took off and left Marvin in the dust. But you have to give Marvin some credit....he didn't give up!! He just kept on truckin' until he made it to the top and pressed the button!

Uh it's time to come back down!!! Not so good for someone with a phobia of heights! Marvin thought that the rope wasn't going to hold him and he started clawing for the rock wall for dear life!!! It was like a cat trying to escape water!! He nearly killed himself! Of course by this time we are all laughing until we can't breathe and all of the onlookers are quietly giggling in the background, but nonetheless, Marvin still has to get down from the top of that wall!!! They slowly let him down and he practically collapses on the ground because his knees are so weak from the adrenaline rush that is finall wearing off!!

When he finally gets unstrapped and comes out to see us, he is bleeding from a previous wound that he has reopened and he is breathing like he just ran a 5K!!!! I don't think that he will be climbing any more rock walls in the near future!

Bath Time!

Rebecca just loves to take a bath in our sink! She loves the bubbles and just splashes and splashes. Sometimes it is really cute because she tries to pick up the bubbles between her fingers and gets frustrated when she doesn't succeed!
She is just like a slippery little water baby and getting her all washed up can be a challenge sometimes. It's like trying to hold down a wet noodle! Her beautiful baby skin is so smooth tha the water makes it slick, yet so touchably wonderful. I just can't get enough of bath time!

Don't mind her black eye in these pictures. She had an accident and she fell into the radiator when she was playing one day. She was trying to be a big girl but didn't quite make it back down to the safety of the floor before smacking into the heater. Poor baby!!

Then it is time to get dried off!!! YEAH RIGHT!!! She would rather crawl around naked than sit still long enough to get dried off like a normal human being. It doesn't matter if the air conditioning is on.....let her run free!!! I love seeing those little baby butt cheeks crawling all over the living room floor!

All finished!!! Dried off....smelling fresh and in a super cute cloth diaper! What a little cutie pie! Hmmmm....maybe I should look into child modeling!! LOL!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Geneva on the Lake

What a great time we had at Geneva! I can't wait to go again next year! The weather was perfect, the sun was shining and my husband made a total fool out of himself! I was a complete evening for us!

Our first stop was the lake and it was gorgeous! The sun was low in the sky and the boats were out on the water. Just a perfect picture. The girls took off their sandals and played in the edge of the water. I took lots of pictures so that I could remember how happy they were just playing and laughing and having a good time exploring.

Our next stop was to the family fun park where my husband decided to make a total fool out of himself by trying to climb the rock wall. Does anyone who is afraid of heights really think they can climb a rock wall?! NO!! But of course, Marvin had to try it and in the process freaked out at the top thinking the cord wasn't holding him up so he clawed for the wall, reopened a cut and looked really strange in front of the lovely group of gawkers who were lined up to see the two "old men" trying to climb the rock wall.

Then we went and found an AWESOME place that makes authentic gyros and we chowed down on an great meal. Of course no meal is complete w/o dessert, so we stopped at the local donut shop that has people lined up outside of the store all day long and we waited for fresh homemade creamsticks to come out of the fryer!!!! Can I just say....yummo!!!!!! They were awesome and I wish that I could have had more!! I can't wait until next summer to head up there just for the donuts!

Kindergarten already?!

Can it be true?! Is it time for kindergarten already?! I swear that I was just over at my mom's house telling her that I was having a baby and now it is six years later and my baby is starting school!!!

Well, the beginning of the schoolyear is truly going wonderfully! She is learning a lot every day and truly seems to enjoy soaking up all of the knowledge. We are learning how to write our numbers and letters and putting word families together. Soon she will be reading beginner's books and I will truly be in trouble because Marvin and I spell things out when we don't want the kids to know what we are talking about!!! So much for that!

She is so proud that she is now big enough to get her shower all by herself in the morning and that I am giving her more privileges than her little sisters have. Although I do have to remind her from time to time not to rub it in Alaina's face that she no longer takes naps and Alaina still has to! Otherwise, it is all good.

It is such a miracle to see her growing and flourishing every single day. I am amazed that God has put such a wonderful little person in my life. He has truly blessed me and I am thankful everyday for her. It just goes to show that God works in mysterious ways because back when I found out I was having a baby I sure didn't think that He had all of these wonderful things in store for Marvin and I!

A Little Treat!!!

That's right!!! We finally decided to get her ears pierced! After we took her for her nine month check-up and everything went great, I took her over to the mall and got her ears pierced and I am so glad that I did it! She looks adorable! I can't believe how cute it turned out!!!

Her stats were great at the visit. She is 19lbs and 9oz and 28 inches long. He said that she is tall and think just like her big sis! She is growing like a weed and the pediatrician was so happy for her!

Happy Nine Months my beautiful baby girl!

I can hardly believe that my precious baby girl is already nine months old! She is just so beautiful and smart and clever that I am sure to never have a dull moment. So much has happened since the six month mark that I don't really know where to begin!

She finally got her top two front teeth in, so she doesn't look lopsided anymore. She is also standing up unassisted and walking all along the furniture and anything else she can get her sticky little fingers on. She is eating a lot of different table foods, but I think that melon is her favorite so far! She has started saying "ba-ba" and "da-da", but still no "mama"! How unfair is that! I carry her around for nine months, give birth to her, nourish her from my own body, take care of her every day and the first thing she says is "da-da"!! It is like a cruel joke that she is playing on me! But that's okay because she comes to me when she is tired or hurt or snuggly and I just soak up every little moment that I can!

We are starting to prepare for her first birthday which should be a great time! I have already rented the church where I am going to have it and I am getting the invites and theme picked out soon, too. There are so many to choose from, that it has become a much harder decision than I originally anticipated!! Buuuut....since this is the last first birthday I get to throw, it is gonna be a good one!!!

We are going to have her pictures taken soon by a professional photographer, so I am hoping that she cooperates and we get some good frames! Wish us luck!